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Why join Hapu?

Many families can’t afford a nanny on their own. Yet nannies aren’t paid enough? Hapu turns this upside down by making nanny share simple and your shared rates more than affordable.

You’re in control

With Hapu, you’re in full control of your availability, rates, and who you approve to share. You accept requests to add you and approve new families that request to join.

We’re here to help

Automated shared payments and payroll means your always correctly compensated, receive all your benefits and are in full control of your professional life.

How It Works


1. Create a free profile

It’s free and easy to create a profile on Hapu. Describe yourself and your experience, add qualifications and references and set your shared rates.

What you charge is always up to you. Simply enter your rates and Hapu automatically shares them between families that you approve.

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2. Approve families

Accept requests to be added to a family’s nanny share and message on our platform to get to know them a little before meeting.

Once you approve you’re now part of a family’s listing where you’ll accept other families to join you.

You have final say and confirm any shares from your own dashboard.

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3. Get paid right

Hapu’s secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly.

Families are charged before you start, minus a 3% service fee.

All payroll is handled by Hapu’s payroll partner to ensure you receive the right pay everytime including all of your entitlements.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost?

It’s free to create your profile on Hapu and always will be. Hapu deducts 3% from your incoming funds as a processing fee.

How does it all kick off?

Families will request to add you to their nanny share. When you approve you’ll present as the nanny on their nanny share listing.

How should I set my rates?

As your hourly rates are shared between families there’s no need for you to negotiate yourself down. Set the rate you want, it’s as easy as that.

I’m part of a listing, what now?

Other families will request to join you and once approved the deal is sealed by both families paying their share.

How do shared rates work?

Hapu automatically presents half your rate to families viewing your profile. Both families pay their share to combine for your total.

How do payments and payroll work?

Both families pay through Hapu to create your total pay amount (minus our 3% processing fee). Our payroll partner then pays you as well as your tax and superannuation contribution. Easy.

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