Save thousands of dollars a year sharing your nanny on Hapu

Share your costs, increase socialisation and make childcare more affordable for you and another local family.

How It Works

Local families need you

Over 250 families are already on Hapu looking for local, affordable care with a family just like yours.

Important socialisation

Greater socialisation is so important for childhood development. It doesn’t hurt parents to be more social too.

Save thousands a year

Saving just $200 a week on your nanny costs could see you over $9000 better off over the year (your nanny too).

How It Works


1. Create a free profile

Set the days and times you employ your nanny, set a price structure that works for you, and any requirements for sharers.

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2. Welcome local families

Once your listing is live, local families can reach out. You can message them answering any questions and arrange to meet.

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3. Decide who best fits you

Take trial bookings to see who best fits you, your family and your nanny. When you’re happy, approve the successful family for a long term booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I set for my rates?

Your nanny will have a market rate based on the number of children and families they are providing care for and you can simply enter that. When setting up your listing we do provide a guide for rates starting at $30/hr.

How do I share my costs?

Sharing costs on Hapu is pretty easy. If you enter your nanny’s rates we simply split it and present the shared cost to the sharing family. So if you enter $30/hr you’ll present the shared cost to another family as $15/hr.

Is there any change to how I pay my nanny?

Not at all. Hapu is about you offsetting your costs. If your nanny is charging $30/hr to care for 2 children for 2 families then you’ll simply receive $15/hr from the other family into your bank account. You’ll then pay your nanny as usual but with half the funds coming from another family.

Why do you split hourly rates, why can’t I just enter $15/hr of $20/hr, flat?

We will allow flat rates soon however in the meantime if you`d like to enter a flat rate regardless of what your nanny charges you can. If you want to receive $20/hr as offset to your own costs then under the 2 child rate, you can enter $40/hr. Split between 2 means you’ll receive $20/hr from the sharing family.

Where do I find families to share my nanny and costs?

We’ll send them to you. We promote your listing across our database of families and to Facebook and Google. All at no cost to you. It’s free to list your nanny share on Hapu and always will be.

How do bookings work?

Bookings can be one off, long term or a trial booking to see if you and the sharing family are a good fit. It can all be booked and paid for directly from your listing.

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