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Create the after school care you need at a price you can afford

See how little you could pay

4 hours
1 of your children attending
2 additional children attending



Based on a sitter's shared rate of $30/hr

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There’s a hapu sitter in your area ready to be shared today. Pay between $10 and $15/hr for a truly affordable after school rate. What are you waiting for?

Simplify your work life

No more rushing out the door at 2pm to make the school pick up. Let the clock tick over, get your work done and let Hapu take care of the rest.

The power of community

Your struggle is shared by other school parents you see every afternoon. Why not team up to create your own after school care solution, together.

How It Works


1. Team up with another school parent

If you’re teamed up with another school parent, you’re half way done.

Get talking about Hapu at the school pickup, P&C, post to Facebook or mention us in conversation if you’re already friendly.

And mention your school in your family profile and we’ll connect you with other parents from the same school. Easy.

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2. Find the perfect shared sitter

Teamed up? Search for a sitter together or separately, just keep each other in the loop with the sitters you’ve found as you go.

When you think you’ve found the perfect sitter, simply arrange to meet so you can verify them personally and any qualifications presented.

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3. Stay at work after 2pm

To kickstart your nanny share (and return to a normal working day), return to your nanny’s profile on Hapu to pay your half. Your team mate will be sent a request to pay their half and when completed, you’re all set to start your new after school care.

Now, you can get down to the job you were trained to do while your sitter gets down to theirs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t have a family to share?

After school care is ideally created with a fellow school parent. If you’re unsure of where to start, state your school in your family profile and we’ll look to match you with a parent from the same school.

What is payroll?

Payroll handles all payments to your sitter and all of your obligations as an employer including tax and super contributions (where necessary). Payroll ensures your compliance and that nannies and sitters receive all of their legally mandated entitlements.

How many children can be in my after school care?

You can have a total of 4 children cared for by one nanny or sitter. Currently Hapu only allows 2 families to share.

Are there fees for payroll?

Our payroll partner have their own fees but here you’ll also share these costs with your sharing family. There is a $60 fortnightly payroll fee but your costs are only $30.

Why do I see such low hourly rates on Hapu?

Sitters enter their own rates on Hapu and then our system automatically splits them so you only view your total costs. Similarly so, the other family you will share with only sees their share of the costs too.

What fees does Hapu charge?

Hapu has a 6% service fee on top of what you’ll pay to your nanny. This helps us run our platform.

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