Reduce the costs of your nanny to $8.75/hr (or less)*

Built on tribal principles, Hapu is a parent-to-parent app that helps 2, 3 or 4 families easily share the costs of a nanny

*cost per child, based on a nanny caring for 4 children @35/hr

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Parents sharing right now with Hapu

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Georgia @Erskineville

Ongoing Nanny Share




08:30 - 17:30




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Kristen @Bondi

Casual Nanny Share




15:00 - 22:00




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Alexis @Chippendale

Ongoing Nanny Share



15:00 - 18:00




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Parents pay less, nannies earn more

Hapu is a win-win for both parents and nannies. By caring for more children, nannies can increase their weekly pay by up to 40-60%*, whilst reducing the overall cost for each family.

*Based on an increase in a nanny’s base rate of $25/hr to $35/hr or $40/hr

Automated split payments means you never need to discuss (money)

Set the number of children and your nanny’s hourly rates and Hapu automatically splits the costs as sharers join and pay. Easy.

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Splitting and scaling costs

Add your nanny’s hourly rate(s) and Hapu will divide and assign the costs per child. Apply a simple flat rate per child or use our automated scaling rate system to reduce costs as the share grows.

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Easily connect and share with your tribe

With no worries payments, Hapu frees you up to share beyond immediate friends or family. Now you can connect and share with your wider Facebook network. Find sharers for that wedding coming up. Even go viral with your daycare share.

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Hire a nanny, share a nanny

In minutes. Hapu has made it that easy. Whether it’s planned or impromptu we want to make it easy for you to offset your costs. Easy for you to get paid and easy for everyone to change how we utilise such an important resource as our nannies.

Your tribe needs you

When you hire a nanny, chances are someone in your network needs care too (and at a reduced rate doesn't hurt!). Create your listing (in minutes) and you create new possibilities for your family and your community. With Hapu, sharing really is caring.

First in, best dressed

Hapu gets your share in front of more people. Whether it's local or across your wider social network. And we don't want you answering the same questions again and again. With Hapu, your listing does the talking for you by always showing, up-to-date places and costs. When sharers are ready, they simply select their place and pay.

And we’ve made it easy for you to get paid anytime from any device

No messy cash or promises to pay. Your tribe secures their place in your share with a credit card, and the funds are deposited direct to your bank account.

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“It might be surprising but this is the tribal way.
Clear, defined protocols around organising and money is what drives tribal cooperation. Modern society hasn't lost it's sense of community. It's lost the protocols by which individuals organise together. We've designed Hapu to fill that void. To be that protocol. For you to organise now and for the long term. That Hapu has defined these ideas within the latest technology is a proud moment for myself and the team. And I hope a defining moment for tribal thinking in the modern world.”

Ben Edward Manu Marr, Founder & CEO of Hapu
(Ngati Rangitihi, Te Arawa)