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Would you like to save thousands of dollars a year sharing your nanny on Hapu? Share your costs, increase socialisation and make childcare more affordable for you and another local family.

Hapu is a new way to create the childcare you need

Reduced costs for parents, increased pay for nannies, what’s not to love?

We handle all payroll

You count the savings

Connect with local families just like you

For most of us, we simply can’t afford to hire a nanny ourselves. At least as an alternative to long term care.

But teamed up with another family on Hapu, you can!

Create your family profile with the days and times you need and connect with local families that need the same.

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Find the perfect nanny together

You’ve found the perfect family to share with, now find the perfect nanny to share.

Browse and contact nannies and sitters until you find the perfect fit for both families.

Once you’ve met and verified your nanny you simply book and pay to start your nanny share.

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Paying half with Hapu Pay

Paying half is great. Paying half with no hassles is even greater.

Hapu Pay takes the sting and hassle out of sharing costs. We even handle all of your tax and super obligations to your nanny.

Find a nanny to share, today!

“I couldn’t afford to wait a year. I needed more options than just waiting for a centre. And now I have, with Hapu!”

Georgia @Erskineville

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